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Quick Tip to Reduce Spam on Twitter

This will 100% reduce the spam on your twitter feed.

This twitter spam reduction method works on both mobile and desktop.

First step:

(click your icon on the mobile platform)

Next, you will see this pop-up. Click “settings and privacy” (On desktop you will click the same thing).

Next, click notifications (on desktop you will click the same thing).

Next, click “advanced filters on mobile”. On desktop you will not have to click advanced filters, it will automatically be on the “notifications” page.

The final step is to tick all of the four bottom settings. This will weed out spam or unprofessional accounts. If you would like you can also tick off people “you don’t follow”!

reduce spam michael bakovic


Now scroll through your feed, you will see a HUGE reduction in spam! Enjoy! Be sure to bookmark this page for the latest cutting-edge SEO and Social Media tips.


Best – Michael